CSS is a powerful technology for customizing web pages. Not only does it allow for nearly infinite variety in appearance, but it results in smaller, faster loading pages which conform to the original intent of HTML: that pages have an internal structure based on content, not on appearance. As a result, pages are simpler and more accessible. CSS allows the following websites to use essentially the same pages, and yet produce very different looking sites.

  • Lena Olson is a sculptor working in Colorado Springs. The styling utilizes subtle blacks and grays which help emphasize the 3D nature of the work.
  • Micheline Brierre is an artist and jewelery designer in Colorado. Her site was styled to reflect the bold, warm colors that inspire her work.
  • Barry Kaplan is a Colorado photographer. His site was styled to provide quiet elegance and a neutral backdrop for his images.
  • Wildflowers of Guffey is a simple site I designed to showcase our local wildflowers. It's a good example of a non-commercial application of the system.
  • Rita's Place and Caldera Gallery illustrates how the Artist Management System can be easily adapted to a commercial gallery featuring many individual artists.
  • Jabberwocky Farm is the site of a farm producing goat fiber and milk products. This shows how effectively the system can be applied to commercial sites that aren't strictly operated by artists. The design is intended to reflect the natural colors and softness of the farm's organic goat fiber products.
  • Dunn's Horse & Mule Company is the site of a horse riding and training business. The Services section of this site is completely customized, and demonstrates how the basic site engine can be modified. The design is bold and a little whimsical, with a style closely aligned to the service being provided.

As an example of design possibilities, here are some sites that I designed which don't use the Artist Management System.

  • Guffey Community Charter School is the site for a school where I mentor science. It was designed for simple navigation and a slightly retro school look.
  • Cloudbait Observatory is where I report on my astronomy projects. Its design goal was to provide quick access to a wide range of information. There are hundreds of individual pages on the site.
  • Louise Peterson, Sculptor is my wife's gallery site, featuring her sculpture. The site needed to be very attractive, and also to highlight her work without competing with it.
  • Vortex Media Productions is a complex site developed for a company providing virtual real estate tours. The appearance needed to be bold, but without overwhelming the visitor with detail. It features a client management system and is fully configured by the owner via a secure web interface.